IPv6 over IPv4 GRE tunnel configuration

To configure an IPv6 over IPv4 GRE tunnel, perform the following steps:
1. Run the system-view command to enter the system view.
2. Run the interface tunnel interface-number command to create a tunnel interface and enter the tunnel interface view.
3. Run the tunnel-protocol gre command to set the tunnel encapsulation type to GRE tunnel.
4. Run the source { ipv4-address | interface-type interface-number } command to specify the source address or source interface of the GRE tunnel.
?You can directly specify the IPv4 address of the interface used to connect to the IPv4 network as the source address or specify this interface as the source interface.
?You can specify a physical port or a logical interface such as the Loopback interface as the source interface of the tunnel.
5. Run the destination ipv4-address command to specify the destination address or domain name of the GRE tunnel.
The destination address is the source address of the peer device. As shown in Figure 1, the destination address of FW_A is, while the destination address of FW_B is
6. Run the ipv6 enable command to enable the IPv6 function on the tunnel interface.
7. Run the ipv6 address { ipv6-address prefix-length | ipv6-address/prefix-length } command to configure the IPv6 address for the tunnel interface.
8. (Optional) Run the gre key key-number command to set the keyword in the GRE packet header.
You can set the same key-number on both ends of the tunnel or do not set the key-number.

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