Whether the firewall supports the VRRP group virtual IP address and interface address that are on different network segments

Can actual interface IP addresses reside on the same network segment as virtual IP addresses in hot standby?
1. You must assign IP addresses to a physical interface before you set the virtual IP address of the VRRP group on the interface.
2. When you configure VRRP groups, ensure that the virtual IP addresses is not the IP address of any physical interface.
3. Invalid address, such as broadcast address, multicast address, or loopback address, cannot be used as the VRRP virtual IP address.
4. If the virtual IP address and the IP address of the physical interface reside on different subnets, you need to specify the subnet mask of the virtual IP address.
5. The VRID of the VRRP group cannot be the same as that configured on any other device in the same VLAN.
6. The VRIDs and virtual IP addresses of VRRP groups configured for the same interfaces on the active and standby USGs shall be the same.

Configuration on the USG6000
[USG6600-1]int vlani2
[USG6600-1-Vlanif2]ip add 24
[USG6600-1-Vlanif2]vrrp vrid 1 virtual-ip 24 active
[USG6600-1-Vlanif2]dis thi
interface Vlanif2
ip address
vrrp vrid 1 virtual-ip active
Configuration on the USG2000&5000
[USG5500]int vlanif10
[USG5500-Vlanif10]ip add 24
[USG5500-Vlanif10]vrrp vrid 1 virtual-ip 24 master
[USG5500-Vlanif10]dis this
interface Vlanif10
alias vlanif 10
ip address
vrrp vrid 1 virtual-ip master

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