Wi-Fi models supported by the USG2000&5000

The support of Wi-Fi on the USG2000/5000 is as follows:
-USG2110-X: Only the USG2110-F-W, USG2110-A-W, and USG2110-A-GW support Wi-Fi.
-USG2100, USG2100BSR, USG2100HSR: Only the USG2130W, USG2160W, USG2130BSR/HSR-W, and USG2160BSR/HSR-W support Wi-Fi.
-USG2200/5100, USG2200BSR/5100BSR, USG2200HSR/5100HSR: Wi-Fi is not supported by default and can be supported after the Wi-Fi (WLAN) interface card is installed.
-USG5500: The USG5500 does not support Wi-Fi.

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