Installing expansion cards on the USG6000

The USG6000 provides the WSIC expansion card that can be installed in the WSIC slot. The slots of the 3U USG6650/6660/6670/6680 are divided into two types: one for Wide Service Interface Cards (WSIC) and the other for Extended Service Interface Cards (XSIC). An XSIC is twice as high as a WSIC. An XSIC slot can also hold a WSIC card, but only in the lower part, and in this case, no other card can be installed in the upper part.
Pay attention to the following items in the installation of the USG6000 expansion card:
-The expansion card does not support hot swapping. Therefore, power off the USG before installing the expansion card.
-Make sure that you have worn an ESD wrist strap and the strap is well grounded before you hold the expansion card. Otherwise, the expansion card may be damaged.
The installation procedure is as follows:
1. Ensure that the power module is set to OFF to power off the device.
2. Determine the slot in which an expansion card is to be installed and note the slot number. For details, see the slot numbers on the front panel of the device.
3. Loosen screws on the filler panel of a WSIC slot and remove the filler panel.
4. Open the ejector lever on an expansion card and push the expansion card along the guide rails of the slot until the ejector lever touches the front panel.
5. Push the ejector lever inward until the expansion card is well seated into the slot, and tighten screws on both sides of the expansion card.

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