Installing expansion cards on the USG2000&5000

Pay attention to the following items in the installation of the USG2000/5000 expansion card (interface card):
-Before installing the interface card, power off the device.
-The MIC, DMIC, FIC, and DFIC interface cards of the USG do not support hot swapping. Hot swapping may cause board damage.
-The USB-3G interface card of the USG supports hot swapping, but the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card and User Service Identity Module (USIM) card do not support hot swapping. Therefore, insert the SIM or USIM card into the 3G data card before installing the USB-3G interface card.
-The interface card must be horizontally oriented during installation.
-Make sure that you have worn an ESD wrist strap and the strap is well grounded before you hold the interface card. Otherwise, the interface card may be damaged.
-After system startup, do not insert and remove the USB interface card repeatedly to prevent problems that the device may fail to identify.
-If you need to insert two USB interface cards, use a USB extension cable.
Perform as follows to install the MIC/FIC/DMIC/DFIC:
1. Ensure that the power module is set to OFF to power off the device.
2. Loosen screws on the filler panel of the front panel and remove the filler panel. For the DMIC/DFIC interface card, you need also to remove the filler panel in the upper slot.
3. Align the interface card with the guide rails of the slot and tighten the screws.
Perform as follows to install the 3G interface card:
1. Install the SIM card on the 3G interface card.
2. Refer to the procedure for installing the MIC/FIC/DMIC/DFIC.
Perform as follows to install the USB interface card:
1. Insert the USB interface card into the USB port on the USG.
Perform as follows to install the SD data card:
1. Insert the SD data card into the flash card port of the USG.

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