NE05E-SQ operating environment requirements

NE05E-SQ operating environment temperature:
DC: -40�?to +65�?(-40�?to +149�?
AC: -20�?to +65�?(-4�?to +149�?

Operating environment's relative humidity:
5% to 95%

Operating altitude:
�?4000 m (13123.2 ft). If the altitude is lower than 1800 m (5905.44 ft), the device works properly. If the altitude is from 1800 m to 4000 m (3280.8 ft to 13123.2 ft), the device's operating temperature decreases by 1�?(1.8�? for every 220 m (721.78 ft) increase in the altitude.]

NE05E-SQ storage temperature: -40�?to 70�?(-40�?to 158�?

NE05E-SQ storage relative humidity: 5% to 100%

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