When the AR2220 used as the AC uses the Layer 3 interface as the downlink interface to connect to an AP, the AP fails to log in

Root cause analysis: Interconnectivity of the Layer 3 network from the AP to the AR is normal. The AR discards Discovery request packets sent from the AP.
Summary and suggestion: When the AR serves as the AC, you are advised to use the Layer 2 interface. There is no Layer 2 card on the tested AR, so the preceding networking can exist. To locate the problem, you need to be clear about the packet interaction process, and then obtain packets to find out the phase where the problem occurs. The AP and AC have routes to each other, so the AC can be pinged from the AP at Layer 3. The Discovery request packet is transmitted by the S5700 to the AR through the Layer 2 network. When the outer VLAN tag is removed, the packet still carries a VLAN tag. Therefore, the packet is dropped by the AR.

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