Configure WDS on AR routers

All the AR routers except the AR502EG-L*, AR502EGW-L*, AR530 series routers, AR550 series routers, and AR2500 series routers support WDS.
A wireless distribution system (WDS) connects two or more wired or wireless LANs wirelessly to establish a large network to transmit data.
To complete the configuration of WDS, perform the following steps in sequence:
Create a WMM profile, configure a radio profile, bind the WMM profile to the radio profile, add an AP, bind a radio to the radio profile, enable the bridge function, configure the bridge mode, configure a security profile and define WPA2+PSK+CCMP, configure a bridge profile and bind it to the radio, configure bridge whitelist (optional), configure parameters for the AP wired interface, configure STP (optional), configure parameters sent to the AP, and check the configuration.
For details, see WDS Configuration.

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