When an AR router is used as the PPPoE client, the Internet access rate of the LAN users connected to the device is low

In the dialer interface view, run the tcp adjust -mss value command to set the maximum TCP segment size of the interface.

In scenarios of PPPoE application, it is recommended that the value used in the tcp adjust -mss command should be 1200.

The maximum transmission unit (MTU) of the PPPoE interface is 1492 bytes. If the packets which are forwarded in Layer 2 and transmitted upward through the interface are larger than the MTU size and cannot be fragmented as configured, the packets cannot be sent, which results in the low Internet access rate of users. In this case, you can run the tcp adjust -mss command in the dialer interface view to modify the maximum segment size (MSS) value determined in the TCP negotiation phase, ensuring that the packet size is smaller than the MTU size of the dialer interface so that the packets can be processed properly and improving the Internet access rate.

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