Do E1 and SA cards support inter-board MP

In V200R005 and earlier versions:

The device does not support inter-board MP.

In V200R006 and later versions:

The device supports inter-board MP only on interface cards of the same type. The 1STM1, 1STM4, 4STM1, 1CPOS-155M, and 1CPOS-155M-W interface cards do not support inter-board MP.

The 1SA/2SA/8SA, 1E1/T1-M, 2E1/T1-M, 4E1/T1-M, 8E1/T1-M, 1E3/CE3/T3/CT3, 1E1/T1-F, 2E1/T1-F, 4E1/T1-F, 8E1/T1-F, and 1BST interface cards support inter-board MP.

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