Does the AR enabled with L2TP support RADIUS authentication

The LAC and LNS support RADIUS authentication (remote authentication) to authenticate remote users.
The LNS terminates PPP sessions. After being authenticated by the LNS, remote users successfully set up PPP sessions with the LNS and can access resources in the enterprise headquarters. For L2TP negotiation, the LNS is the peer device of the LAC, and set up an L2TP tunnel with the LAC. Additionally, the LNS is the logical termination point of a PPP session; therefore, the PPP client (user device) and the LNS establish a virtual point-to-point link.
An L2TP Access Concentrator (LAC) provides PPP and L2TP processing capabilities on the packet switched network. The LAC establishes an L2TP connection with the L2TP network server (LNS) based on the user name or domain name in PPP packets so that PPP frames can be transmitted to the LNS.

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