How to quickly locate a failure to set up a tunnel between the LAC and LNS

During L2TP configuration, if the LAC cannot set up a tunnel with the LNS, perform the following operations to locate the fault quickly.
1. Run the start l2tp command on the LAC to check whether there is a reachable route to the LNS. If the route is unreachable, configure a reachable route to the LNS.
2. Check the L2TP configuration on the LNS and delete the remote specified in the allow l2tp command. If an L2TP tunnel can be established successfully, the cause is that the tunnel name on the LAC is incorrect or the tunnel name specified by the LNS is incorrect. Select either of the following solutions.
 - Run the tunnel name command on the LAC to configure the local tunnel name as the value of remote in the allow 12tp command on the LNS.
 -Run the allow l2tp command on the LNS to change the remote parameter so that the tunnel name is consistent with that configured on the LAC. If the local tunnel name is not configured using the tunnel name command on the LAC, the value of the remote parameter is the device name of the LAC.

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