The ringing duration of the called party is too long when AR2240 functions as the IP PBX and the downstream IP phone is the calling party

Problem description:
The AR router used as the PBX connects to the downlink IP phone and uplink IMS using 3G. When the IP phone calls a user on the IMS, the called party's phone rings after a long period of time.

Configure the same clock source for the AR and IMS to ensure time consistency. Enable debugging of the AR and IMS and use the IP phone to call a user on the IMS. Then analyze debugging information to check whether processing of the AR or IMS is too long. Through analysis, processing of the AR is too long.

Check the configuration.
callprefix 98512
prefix 98512
call-type category basic-service attribute 0
digit-length 5 20
The value of digit-length is incorrect. Set the maximum length of a number that can be parsed to 7.

1. The processing time of the AR is too long.
2. The processing time of the IMS is too long.

1. Configure the same clock source for all devices when the AR router is connected to other devices and faults about delay-sensitive services need to be located. Then obtain debugging information to determine the processing time of each device.
2. Correctly configure digit-length. A large value affects efficiency and a small value affects the correctness of number analysis.

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