What are Centrex groups and enterprises of the AR router

The Central Exchange (Centrex), also called group, is part of a telephone exchange or a function of the telephone exchange. The Centrex groups some users on a PBX, and provides various functions of user-specific exchange and other special services for the user group. A user group does not have a dedicated exchange. Internal and external switching is performed in the telephone exchange.
The Centrex function applies to organizations or departments with centralized employees, and scenarios in which user extensions are located dispersedly. The Centrex function provides flexible networking, and allows you to easily increase or decrease the capacity. Organizations and departments that use the Centrex function can enjoy specialized services in addition to services on the PSTN.
Each user in a Centrex group has two numbers, a private number and a long number. Users in the same Centrex group can dial private numbers to call each other. The priority of private numbers is the highest. Users in a group dial private numbers by default. A user in the Centrex group must dial the call prefix when calling a user outside the Centrex group. Centrex is an important attribute of group users. When configuring or modifying Centrex user attributes, specify the Centrex number.
An enterprise has one or more Centrex groups. Each Centrex group belongs to only one enterprise. Users in an enterprise can choose to join a Centrex group or not. Users in an enterprise can call each other, but cannot call users of another enterprise.

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