What is the user identifier of the AR router

User identifiers include device IDs and user IDs.
A device ID is the ID of a device. The device can be a plain old telephone service (POTS) phone or a user agent device, such as an IP phone or software.
A user ID is the number of a user and owner of a device ID. It identifies a user. A user ID and a SIP server domain constitute a URL. A device ID can belong to multiple user IDs.
Each user has a fixed user identifier that is bound to a unique device ID. Usually, a user identifier is the global number (seven or eight digits in China), that is long number of a user. Users can dial long numbers to call each other, which is common.
Internal numbers or private numbers are provided for users in the same group, such as an enterprise, company, group organization, school, or hotel. Users can dial internal numbers easily.

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