Why busy tone is heard after the phone is picked up

The reasons for busy tone after offhook are as follows:
- The license is not correctly installed.
The voice function requires the license. Apply for and install the commercial license file before using the voice function. You can run the display license state command to check whether the license is in normal state.
- No PBX user is configured.
This problem occurs if the device or user identifier of the PBX is not configured correctly. Therefore, ensure that device and user identifiers are correctly configured.
- DSP resources are insufficient or the DSP module is not installed.
Run the display voice dsp state { slot/dsp-index | channel slot/dsp-index/channel } command to check the value of the Idle parameter.
(Note: In V200R002C00 and earlier versions, run the display voice dsp-dimm state { slot/dsp-index | channel slot/dsp-index/channel } command to check DSP resource usage. A later version of V200R002C00 is used as an example.)
display voice dsp state 0/0

0-idle $-G.711 busy A-All busy W-Wastage X-fault
@-IP loopback *-PCM loopback #-prohibited

Channel NO. DSP channel state
0000-0035 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 0

36 DSP channel
36 idle, 0 G.711 Busy, 0 All Busy, 0 Wastage, 0 Fault,
0 IP loopback, 0 PCM loopback, 0 prohibited
The preceding information shows that there are 36 idle states, indicating that DSP resources are sufficient.
If the fault persists, contact Huawei technical support personnel.

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