Configure the ACL-based packet filtering firewall on an AR router

The packet filtering firewall filters packets based on a configured ACL.
If data flows occur between two security zones, the packet filtering firewall implements filter policies according to ACL rules.
In the system view:
Run the acl [ number ] acl-number [ match-order { config | auto } ] command to create an ACL and access the ACL view.
The ACLs that can be used by the packet filtering firewall include basic ACLs and advanced ACLs.
Run the rule command in the ACL view to configure ACL rules.
Run the quit command to return to the system view.
Run the firewall interzone zone-name1 zone-name2 command to access the interzone view.
Run the packet-filter acl-number { inbound | outbound } command to configure the ACL-based packet filtering firewall.
The ACL-based packet filtering firewall configured for the interzone can be specific to the inbound and outbound directions, respectively.
For details about the commands for configuring the ACL-based packet filtering firewall of AR series routers, see the URL: The AR router configures the ACL packet filtering firewall.

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