Problem of 802.1X authentication failure between AR1200-S and the ACS of company C

Possible causes:
1. The RADIUS template is wrongly configured.
2. The 802.1X protocol is wrongly configured under an interface.
3. The policy matching the ACS is wrong.
4. The ACS is not compatible with the router.
5. Other causes
Recommended solution:
Configure a RADIUS authentication domain in the AAA view, and enable corresponding domain in the system. Otherwise, the default domain is automatically accessed during RADIUS authentication.
The specific configuration is as follows:
1. Run the following commands in the system view:
radius-server template huawei
radius-server shared-key cipher %$%$6nH'B radius-server authentication 1812
radius-server accounting 1813
2. Run the following commands in the AAA view:
authentication-scheme default
authentication-scheme huawei
authentication-mode radius
authentication-scheme tacacs
authentication-mode hwtacacs
authentication-scheme portal
authentication-mode radius
authorization-scheme default
authorization-scheme huawei
authorization-scheme tacacs
authorization-mode hwtacacs
authorization-scheme portal
accounting-scheme default
accounting-scheme huawei
accounting-mode radius
accounting-scheme tacacs
accounting-mode hwtacacs
accounting-scheme portal
accounting-mode radius
domain default
domain default_admin
domain huawei
authentication-scheme huawei
accounting-scheme huawei
radius-server huawei
local-user admin password cipher %$%$|nL=";YRaC+2;4@s->.I-Zs^%$%$
local-user admin privilege level 15
local-user admin service-type telnet
3. Enable Huawei domain in the system view.
[AR-1220-S-1]domain huawei
For details, see the URL: AR1200-S and C company ACS docking 802.1X certification does not pass the problem .

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