How to configure external Portal authentication

The external Portal server with independent hardware provides external Portal authentication. The configuration is as follows:
1. Configure the Portal server template abc.
[Huawei] web-auth-server abc
[Huawei-web-auth-server-abc] server-ip
[Huawei-web-auth-server-abc] port 50200 //Ensure that the configured port number is the same as the port number of the Portal server.
[Huawei-web-auth-server-abc] url
[Huawei-web-auth-server-abc] quit
2. Enable Portal authentication.
[Huawei] interface vlanif 10
[Huawei-Vlanif10] web-auth-server abc direct
[Huawei-Vlanif10] quit
3. Set the shared key that the AR uses to exchange information with the Portal server to Huawei@123 in cipher text.
[Huawei] web-auth-server abc
[Huawei-web-auth-server-abc] shared-key cipher Huawei@123
[Huawei-web-auth-server-abc] quit
You also need to perform the following configurations:
- Configure VLANs and interfaces.
- Configure a domain that users belong to and AAA schemes.
- If local authentication is used, add the user name and password on the access device.
- If remote authentication is used, configure the RADIUS server template, route to the RADIUS server, user name, password, and shared key.

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