How to configure built-in Portal authentication

The built-in Portal server of the access device provides built-in Portal authentication. The configuration is as follows:
1. Create a loopback interface and assign an IP address to the loopback interface.
[Huawei] interface loopback 1
[Huawei-LoopBack1] ip address 32
[Huawei-LoopBack1] quit
2. Configure an IP address for the built-in Portal server.
[Huawei] portal local-server ip
3. Enable Portal authentication.
[Huawei] portal local-server https ssl-policy huawei //Ensure that the SSL policy named huawei has been configured.
[Huawei] portal local-server enable interface ethernet 2/0/0

You also need to perform the following configurations:
- Configure VLANs and interfaces.
- Configure a domain that users belong to and AAA schemes.
- If local authentication is used, add the user name and password on the access device.
- If remote authentication is used, configure the RADIUS server template, route to the RADIUS server, user name, password, and shared key.

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