How to associate VRRP and NQA on an AR router

On an AR router, use VRRP and NQA association to detect uplink faults and switch over between master/backup gateways. The configuration roadmap is as follows:
1. Configure IP addresses and routing protocols for different device interfaces to enable network-layer routers to be reachable.
2. Configure a VRRP group on Router A and Router B. Set priority to 120 and preemption delay to 20s on Router A and configure Router A as a master device. Set priority to a default value and configure Router B as a backup device to implement active/standby backup of gateways.
3. On Router A, configure an ICMP-type NQA test case and an IP address of a Router E interface as the destination, and check the link connectivity between Router A and Router E interfaces.
4. On Router A, configure VRRP and NQA association. When the NQA detects a link fault, it triggers the VRRP group to implement master/backup switchover.
For details about the configuration, see the URL: Example for Configuring Association Between VRRP and NQA to Monitor the Uplink Status.

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