What is the MIB file of an AR that is used to query QoS

MIB file name: HUAWEI-CBQOS-MIB.mib

hwCBQoSIfApplyPolicyTable (OID: //You can use this table to obtain QoS policies applied to all devices.

hwCBQoSIfQueueRunInfoTable (OID: //You can use this table to obtain queue statistics in QoS policies, including packets matching the queue, packets entering the queue, discarded packets in the queue, number of bytes, rate of packets, and rate of bytes.

To download the MIB file, access http://support.huawei.com/support/pages/news/NewsInfoAction.do?doc_id=IN0000062954&colID=ROOTENWEB|CO0000000170&actionFlag=view.

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