Simple methods to check whether the site is at risk of corrosion

1. Ensure the equipment room is not near any sulfurous gas emission sources. For example, porcelain factories, rubber plants, tire factories, chemical factories, sewage plants, power stations, paper mills, smelters, automobile factories, coal mines, electroplating factories, food factories, and tanneries Gas emissions may cause environmental corrosion
2. Ensure the equipment room is not near the sea, salt lakes, sewer outlets, sewage treatment tanks, and industrial/heating boilers. These factors may cause environmental corrosion.
3. Check whether the equipment room was decorated in the latest six months? The emissions released by certain chemical solvents may cause environmental corrosion
4. Check whether batteries are stocked in the equipment room, and if so, whether the batteries leak? If batteries leak, this may cause environmental corrosion.
5. Ensure that the equipment room is closed tightly, including the room windows and doors are always closed. If not, environmental corrosion risks may exist.

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