When multiple services are running on the same storage pool, why are its disk indicators blinking differently?

The blinking status of a disk indicator is related to the service model, RAID level, and CKG size. For example:
You create a storage pool from a disk domain consisting of 20 disks and set its RAID policy to RAID 6 (12D+2P). In addition, you create LUNs from the storage pool and run all 4K services and hybrid services separately on the LUNs.
-For all 4K reads/writes, the whole file size is 4^4 x 100 x 4 KB, that is, 100 MB.
-For mixed reads/writes, the whole file size is 30,430 MB.
When the storage pool uses RAID 6 (12D+2P), the size of a CKG is 12 x 64 MB, that is, 768 MB. In this case, only one CKG is required for all 4K read/write I/Os and the indicators of only 14 disks are blinking in the service model. However, one CKG is insufficient for mixed reads/writes. For 30,430 MB of the mixed service file size, about five CKGs are required to meet storage requirements. The storage system will randomly select disks for data reads/writes and all disk indicators will be blinking.

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