Precautions for cascading disk enclosures

Note the following when cascading disk enclosures:
1. Ensure that the model of the disk enclosure to be added is the same as that of the existing disk enclosure.
2. After disks are inserted and the disk enclosure is turned on, the disk enclosure is automatically powered on and started up.
3. After the disk enclosure is powered on, use cascading cables to connect the disk enclosure to the controller enclosure. The storage system can then automatically identify the new disk enclosure.
You do not need to suspend services when cascading disk enclosures. However, if disk enclosures are cascaded when services are running, a SAS/Fibre Channel loop or flapping may occur, adversely affecting the services. For this reason, to protect customer services and data security, suspend services and add disk enclosures during off-peak hours.

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