How does an AR send packets with a specific DSCP to high-priority queues

Use traffic classifiers to enable packets with high differentiated services code point (DSCP) values to enter expedited forwarding (EF) queues, and to ensure that the packets are transmitted preferentially. For example, to enable packets with a DSCP of 22 to enter EF queues, configure the following:

[Huawei] traffic classifier c1
[Huawei-classifier-c1] if-match dscp 22
[Huawei-classifier-c1] quit
[Huawei] traffic behavior b1
[Huawei-behavior-b1] queue ef bandwidth 100 cbs 2500
[Huawei-behavior-b1] quit
[Huawei] traffic policy p1
[Huawei-trafficpolicy-p1] classifier c1 behavior b1

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