Problem and solution when the value of a storage pool's parameter is incorrect during the upgrade of an OceanStor V3 storage system

SPC500 does not support spin-down during the upgrade. After the storage system is upgraded to SPC600, the value of the spin-down mode is set to 0 but the value is not entered when the spin-down mode is configured on the CLI. As a result, the dynamic multipathing (DMP) incorrectly judges the resolution of the value and the value cannot be identified when spin-down is executed on the CLI, resulting in nothing being displayed.
For the DMP module, by default, the modes are spin-down (the value is 1 and power-off (the value is 2). When 1 is entered, the DMP module spins down. When other values are entered, the DMP module is powered off. The DMP module is powered because 0 is entered. As a result, the Disk Out and In Events problems occur.
Reset the spin-down mode of the storage pool on the CLI. That is, specify the spin-down manner. In developer mode, run the change storage_pool spindown 0 enabled=yes auto manner=1 command to reset the spin-down mode of the storage pool. In this command, 0 indicates the storage pool ID and 1 indicates the mode is set to spin-down.

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