Introduction to OceanStor T Series products

The OceanStor
S2200T /S2600T/S5500T/S5600T/S5800T/S6800T integrates the architecture, protocols, and platforms to meet the requirements of large databases' OLTP/OLAP, high-performance computing, digital media, and Internet operation.
Key features: Provides a unified, abundant, flexible, and reliable storage system for customers.
Multi-controller architecture: Scale-out expansion linearly improves performance, meeting ever-increasing service needs.
Heterogeneous virtualization: Consolidates storage resources of mainstream products to manage and allocate storage resources in a flexible and unified manner.
Highly reliable architecture design: The components are redundant and have no single point of failure. The components such as the controller, I/O module, and disk are hot swappable.
Unified storage of file- and block-level data: SAN and NAS protocols are supported, allowing structured and unstructured data to be stored in one storage system.

Industry-leading performance, unique function features, and more efficient resource usage provide users with high-performance and comprehensive solutions.

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