What is the LLQ queue on an AR

A low latency queuing (LLQ) queue is a special EF queue. Compared with EF, LLQ provides shorter delay, which provides good QoS assurance for delay-sensitive services such as VoIP services.
An EF queue has the highest priority. You can put one or more types of packets into EF queues and set different bandwidth for different types of packets.
During packet scheduling, packets in the EF queues are scheduled first to ensure low latency. When traffic is congested on an interface, packets in the EF queues are sent first. To ensure scheduling for low-priority queues (such as AF or BE queues), rate limiting is configured for EF queues. When traffic is not congested on the interface, EF queues can use the idle bandwidth of AF or BE queues. Therefore, packets in EF queues can obtain idle bandwidth, and does not occupy the bandwidth that exceeds the specifications.

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