How Can I Do If No Service IP Addresses Are Available After a Storage System Is Deployed?

In most cases, this fault occurs when the network adapters are not inserted or configured in an incorrect sequence. Before the deployment, ensure that the same slot on each node has a network adapter and then start the storage device. Slots 1 to 4 are used for accommodating GE or 10GE service network adapters, slot 0 for a Fibre Channel interface module, and slot 5 for a heartbeat network adapter.

Run network ip link show to check whether other ports besides port pubeth0 exist. If no other ports exist, configure the ports again.
Ensure that the same slot on each node has a service network adapter. Network adapters are not hot-swappable. Therefore, remove or insert network adapters after the file engines are powered off.
Run an IP checking command to check the number of idle physical IP addresses and ensure that the number equals to the product by multiplying the number of ports and the number of nodes. If the idle physical IP addresses are insufficient, run network ip link add to add more. slotX indicates the actual slot location, which must be consistent for all nodes. After a start virtual IP address is entered, subsequent continuous IP addresses will be automatically used as the virtual IP addresses.

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