How to locate the ping failure

When the ping operation fails, locate the fault based on the following troubleshooting roadmap:
1. Check whether the AR interface is Up and whether the IP address is configured correctly.
Command: display interface brief and display ip interface [ < interface-type > < interface-number > ]
2. If a Layer 2 interface is used, check whether STP is running on the AR and check whether the physical interface where ping packets pass is blocked.
Command: display stp [ instance < instance-id > ] [ interface < interface-type > < interface-number > ] [ brief ]
3. Check whether routes are reachable: If routes are unreachable, troubleshoot the fault.
Command: display ip routing-table
4. Check whether policies are configured on local and remote devices. If the remote device is a firewall, check whether the remote interface is added to a zone and whether the inter-zone rule is enabled.
5. Check whether ARP entries of the direct route are learned correctly. If ARP entries cannot be learned, check whether strict ARP learning is enabled. Disable strict ARP learning and try again. If the fault persists, perform the ping operation on one device and check whether ARP request packets are sent out from the interface and whether the remote device sends ARP reply packets based on ARP packet statistics.
Commands: display arp and display arp learning strict
6. If there is no preceding problem, collect statistics on ICMP packets, determine the position where packets are lost and locate the packet loss point.

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