Solution if importing licenses fails

Solution if importing licenses fails:
The failure of importing licenses may occur due to an incompatible tool version, incorrect license file, incorrect network, or incorrect gateway. To rectify the fault, perform the following operations:
1. Upgrade the tool version to the required one.
2. Ensure that the license file is correct and the SN used is consistent with that of the storage device.
3. If the PC is connected to several networks, disconnect or disable network ports that are not used for deployment.
4. Ensure that the gateway vendor is correct: Log in as user support to the file engine using the IP address of the file engine's management network port and execute cat/opt/HS/conf/product.ini to ensure that vendor is huawei and gateway is yes. If the gateway vendor remains incorrect, execute /opt/HS/factory/scripts/ on each node and set the gateway vendor to HWG using the serial ports. Then restart all nodes and perform the previous operation again.

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