Method used to plan performance of the RAID group

You can plan the RAID group performance as follows:
Different RAID levels of vary in the following items:
1. Read and write performance.
2. Disk utilization.
3. Application scenarios.
When selecting a RAID level for specific applications, consider performance, data amount to be stored, and disk utilization.
The following conclusions can help in selecting RAID levels:
a. If you do not consider the redundant data, RAID 0 has the best read and write performance.
b. If you require data redundancy and good system performance regardless of disk costs, RAID 1 or RAID 10 can be optimal choices.
c. If you require redundant data, good system performance, and cost-effective disks, RAID 3, RAID 5, RAID 6, and RAID 50 can be optimal choices.

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