Method used to install library files on Red Hat

Method used to install library files on Red Hat:
By default, not all library files are installed on Red Hat. Therefore, you need to use the yum software to install all library files.
The procedure for installing library files is as follows:
1. Insert the operating system installation CD-ROM into the server's CD-ROM drive.
Mount the CD-ROM. In this example, the CD-ROM is mounted to /source/mnt.
2. Edit the yum configuration file on the server.
The yum configuration file is saved under /etc/yum.repo.d/, including the following content:
name=Red Hat Enterprise Linux $releasever - $basearch - Source
Change the baseur value and the gpgkey value based on the actual situation. Keep the defaults for other settings.
3. Check whether the yum configuration file is correctly configured.
Run the yum list available command. If information about the required installation package is displayed, the content of the yum configuration file is correct.
4. Install a library file.
For example, to install the library file, run the yum install command and proceed as prompted.

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