Method used to query the service mode and set the IPTV mode

The IPTV mode needs to be enabled only when the host service is IPTV. The command for enabling the IPTV mode can be executed only on the primary controller. The IPTV service refers to the video on demand (VOD) and recording services. The database is not the IPTV service.

1. Query the service mode.
Log in to the CLI and run showservicemode to query the service mode.
2. Set the IPTV mode.
Log in to the CLI and run setservicemode -m 1 to enable the IPTV mode.
Note: The IPTV mode needs only to be enabled on one controller. After the IPTV mode is enabled, run resetsys to restart the system for the IPTV mode to take effect.
3. Restart the system as follows:
OceanStor: admin > resetsys

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