Solution to the problem that LUNs fail to be detected when the Emulex FC HBA card is connected to the storage system of R5 or earlier version using switches

Problem description:
The host uses the Emulex FC HBA card to connect to the storage system through switches. The storage software version is V100R005C02SPC006 or earlier. The Emulex HBA card does not respond to the query command according to the standard protocol. When the host scans for LUNs, only some LUNs can be detected, or no LUNs can be detected.
Product versions corresponding to V100R005C02SPC006 are as follows:

The array of V100R005C02SPC006 or later has been modified to adapt to the non-standard command format of the HBA card. This problem can be solved by upgrading the version of the array.

If the array system software cannot be upgraded, take measures as follows:
1. If no switch is used, use the direct-connection networking mode.
2. Connect the optical fiber between the host and the switch, and then connect the optical cable between the switch and the array.

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