Method used to configure the iSCSI initiator in SLES 10

Method used to configure the iSCSI initiator in SLES 10:
Basic iSCSI configuration:
1. Run /etc/init.d/open-iscsi start to start iSCSI services.
2. Modify the configuration file /etc/iscsi/iscsid.conf and set node.startup to automatic to enable automatic logins to the target.
3. Run iscsiadm -m discovery -t st -p [targetip] to add the target.
4. Add ports detected on the storage array to corresponding hosts and map these ports to LUNs.
5. Run iscsiadm -m node -p [targetip] -l to register the target.
6. Run chkconfig -add open-iscsi to enable automatic startup of the server.
7. Run fdisk -l to scan for the LUN mapped to the host.
CHAP configuration:
1. Run the following three commands in sequence to add the CHAP authentication for a target:
iscsiadm -m node -o update -p [targetip] -n node.session.auth.authmethod -v CHAP
iscsiadm -m node -o update -p [targetip] -n node.session.auth.username -v [chap user name]
iscsiadm -m node -o update -p [targetip] -n node.session.auth.password -v [Chap auth passwd]
2. Configure the same user name and password for the target on the storage side by referring to the array operation guide.
3. Run iscsiadm -m node -p targetip -l to register the target. After registration, LUNs can be detected.
4. If CHAP authentication for multiple targets is required, repeat the preceding steps.

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