Actions taken if ISM fails to detect file engines

ISM fails to detect a file engine if the network is interrupted, the file engine is faulty, the password is incorrect, or the user is locked.
To rectify the fault, perform the following procedure:
1. Ensure that the management network of the file engine is correct.
2. Log in to the file engine as user master and ensure that the file engine is working correctly.
3. If you fail to log in to the file engine as user master, log in as user support. Run the su -master command to switch to the master mode. Then run the admin lockeduser show command to check whether user master is locked. If the user is locked, run the admin unlock master command to unlock the user.
If you enter incorrect passwords three consecutive times, you will be locked out of trying again for 5 minutes. After logging in to ISM as an administrator, you are user master on the underlying devices.
4. If the file engine still fails to be detected after user master is unlocked, it is likely that the password for logging in to the file engine saved on the storage device is incorrect.
Note: The earlier storage device uses a non-security password. Therefore, the password is inconsistent with that in the file engine's new specifications during an upgrade.
Log in to the storage device as user admin and enter the engineer mode. Then run the shownasinfo command to check the users and user levels (a total of four levels). Run the chanasinfo command to change the password.
The default passwords of users master, support, and only are Master@storage, support@storage, and Readonly@storage, respectively.

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