Introduction to sites of the OceanStor ReplicationDirector

Resources in a disaster recovery management system are organized by site. You can configure disaster recovery services at a site or between sites. Create a local or remote site based on the disaster recovery network mode (local or remote).
Sites are categorized as local sites and remote sites by location.
- Local site: a site managed by the local OceanStor ReplicationDirector server.
- Remote site: a site managed by the remote OceanStor ReplicationDirector server.
Sites are categorized as production sites and disaster recovery sites by protection relationship.
- Production site: a site where a production system resides. Service systems of enterprises run at the protected production site.
- Disaster recovery site: a site where a disaster recovery system resides. The disaster recovery site provides backup and disaster recovery for the production site. If a disaster occurs, the disaster recovery site can be used to recover services.

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