Functions and features of OceanStor ReplicationDirector

OceanStor ReplicationDirector (current major version: V100R003C10) supports the following functions and features:
1. Protection for objects of different types
2. Automatic application awareness
3. Automatic storage awareness
4. Automatic virtual machine awareness
5. Rights- and domain-based management
6. Policy-driven automatic disaster recovery protection
7. Unified multi-site disaster recovery management
8. Unified management of the disaster recovery data center solution (active-passive mode), disaster recovery data center solution (active-active mode), and disaster recovery data center solution (geo-redundant mode), and high-availability solution
9. End-to-end disaster recovery visualization
10. Centralized management of recovery plans
11. One-click disaster recovery testing
12. One-click service switchover
13. One-click reprotection
14. Disaster recovery report statistics
15. Local protection and recovery
16. Disaster recovery alarm monitoring
17. Disaster recovery process visualization
18. Health status display on the home page
19. Northbound interfaces
12. Integration

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