Introduction to OceanStor ReplicationDirector in the data center disaster recovery solution (active-active mode)

The solution uses the VIS mirror function to mirror host services from the production center to the remote disaster recovery center. This achieves disaster recovery protection at zero RPO and RTO. This solution also supports the tri-mirror function, enhancing data reliability and can use VIS snapshots of protected objects to roll back data, preventing data loss and virus attacks.
1. The solution uses the VIS mirror function to mirror host services from production center 1 to production center 2. Both data centers work concurrently to share service loads, improving disaster recovery service capability and system resource utilization. The data centers are mutually backed up. If one data center fails, the other takes over its services, ensuring business continuity.
2. In this solution, deploy one piece of OceanStor ReplicationDirector to manage disaster recovery services in the active-active data centers. You are advised to deploy OceanStor ReplicationDirector at the active-active disaster recovery center. The OceanStor ReplicationDirector Agent automatically detects the applications on hosts and the storage systems used by the applications. The OceanStor ReplicationDirector Server automatically identifies the configurations of the active-active disaster recovery solution and formulates disaster recovery protection policies.
3. This solution supports the active-active (VIS) technology.

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