Introduction to the application of OceanStor ReplicationDirector in the disaster recovery data center solution (active-passive mode)

The disaster recovery data center solution (active-passive mode) applies to local and remote disaster recovery scenarios. The production center and disaster recovery center work in active-passive mode, meaning that if a disaster occurs at the production center, the disaster recovery center quickly takes over its services.
1. To ensure disaster recovery data consistency, the OceanStor ReplicationDirector Server is installed on the disaster recovery management server (or VM) in the disaster recovery center, and OceanStor ReplicationDirector Agent is installed on each host that requires disaster recovery.
2. To achieve remote disaster recovery, remote replication relationships are established between storage systems. In addition, this solution can use storage snapshots of protected objects to roll back data, preventing data loss and virus attacks.
3. The solution supports the following disaster recovery technologies: synchronous remote replication (array), asynchronous remote replication (array), asynchronous remote replication (VIS), mirroring (VIS)+asynchronous remote replication (array), and host-based replication.

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