Introduction to Dorado thin LUN and thick LUN

SmartThin provides a storage management mode that supports on-demand resource allocation. Instead of allocating all storage space in advance, it first allocates certain storage space and dynamically allocates storage resources based on users' requirements (also called thin LUNs). The other type of storage resources that correspond to thin LUNs is thick LUN. The storage system uses the thin provisioning technology to allocate a fixed storage capacity to a LUN based on the capacity specified for the LUN upon its creation. For details, see: Basic Storage Principles.
When using thin LUNs, set the capacity overload of LUNs to not less than 10% of the storage pool capacity.
When a host initially reads data from and writes data to a storage system, thick LUNs deliver better performance whereas thin LUNs boasts higher space utilization.

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