Introduction to the Dorado Hyper features

Dorado series storage systems provide multiple data protection features, improving the data security of the storage systems and offering a solid foundation for data backup and disaster recovery.
-The snapshot feature provides a mapping table for locating data so that data copies can be rapidly accessed.
-Remote replication creates an available data duplicate of a local storage system almost in real time on a storage system that resides in a different region. The duplicate is instantly available without data restoration operations, protecting service continuity and data availability to the maximum extent. Remote replication is the core of the disaster recovery technology.
-LUN copy is a data copy technology that quickly transfers data within a device or between devices.
Clone, a type of snapshot technology, obtains fully populated point-in-time copies of source data. Clone is a backup approach that allows incremental synchronization.
-HyperMetro enables that both data centers are active and bear services together to improve overall serviceability and resource utilization.
-HyperMirror is a continuous data protection technology. It creates two physical mirror copies for a LUN to achieve continuous LUN backup and protection.

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