Meaning of the floating IP address in OceanStor BCManager eBackup

A floating IP address refers to the IP address that a high availability (HA) system uses to communicate with the external systems. The active server and the standby server have separate IP addresses. For example, the IP address of the active server is IP1 and the IP address of the standby server is IP2. When communicating with the external client, the active or standby server uses another IP address, for example, IP3. IP3 is bound to the network adapter of the active server. At this time, the active server has two IP addresses, IP1 and IP3. The external client communicates with the active server whose IP address is IP3. The standby server has only IP2. Therefore, it does not provide services to the external client. When an active/standby switchover occurs, IP3 is released from the active server and bound to the network adapter of the standby server. This is called floating.

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