Do routes still exist after an interface becomes Down on an AR

Scenario: In PPPoE scenarios, if a physical interface of an AR becomes Down, while the dialer interfaces are still Up, do routes still exist?

Solution: Run the dialer number dial-number autodial command on a dialer interface to configure the interface to automatically initiate a dialup. If a physical interface is Down, the dialer interface cannot initiate a PPPoE dialup. As a result, the dialer interface becomes Down, and related routes do not exist.
<Huawei> system-view 
[Huawei]interface Dialer 0 
 [Huawei-Dialer0] dialer number 1234 autodial
1. In interface dialer x, x indicates the ID of the dialer interface for initiating a dialup.
2. In dialer number 1234 autodial,
1234 indicates the dialer number on an interface for calling the remote end, which can be any value.

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