Principles for OceanStor 9000 restriping to take effect

Principles for OceanStor 9000 restriping to take effect:
- Before restriping, OceanStor 9000 determines whether the used space of the node pool in the target tier reaches the read-only watermark. Restriping is implemented only when the used space is lower than the read-only watermark. If the used spaces of all node pools in the target tier are higher than the read-only watermark, restriping is stopped.
- A restriping operation must not interrupt user access. If a user modifies data that is being restriped, the restriping operation stops and rolls back. The data that has been restriped to the new node pool is deleted and restriping will be performed later.
- You must start another restriping operation after the current one is complete. For example, during the process of a file being restriped from tier 1 to tier 2, if the file poll policy changes and the file needs to be restriped to tier3, you must wait until the restriping to tier 2 is complete and then start the restriping to tier 3.

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