Does InfoEqualizer affect File Distribution?

Distribution of file fragments in the OceanStor 9000 is not affected by InfoEqualizer. InfoEqualizer is only responsible for distributing the entries for clients to access theOceanStor 9000. How are file fragments written by clients distributed in the system is determined by the data protection mechanism.

The following factors can affect file distribution:
Redundancy ratio of a folder where files reside

The redundancy ratio of a file where files reside determines the number of file fragments, thereby affecting distribution of file fragments in the system.


If a file system has multiple InfoTier node pools for which a specific policy has been set, files will be distributed to or migrated among the node pools according to the policy.

If InfoTier is not available for the file system, file fragments will be distributed to a InfoTier node pool at random.

Fragments of a file can only be distributed to nodes in a InfoTier node pool and will not be distributed to nodes cross nodes pools.

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