Effects of OceanStor 9000 InfoEqualizer on file distribution

InfoEqualizer has no impact on the file slice distribution in OceanStor 9000. InfoEqualizer only allocates the entry for the client to access OceanStor 9000. The data protection mechanism determines how to distribute the files written into the system from the client.
Factors that affect the file distribution are as follows:
1. Redundancy ratio of files in a folder
The redundancy ratio of files in a folder determines the number of file slices, affecting the file slice distribution on each node in the system.
2. The InfoTier feature
When a file system contains multiple InfoTier node pools with corresponding policies, files are distributed in the corresponding node pool and migrated among node pools based on the policies.
When the file system has no InfoTier policy configured, the file slices are randomly distributed to an InfoTier node pool.
Slices of a file will not be distributed to different node pools.

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