Modifying a quota of OceanStor 9000

Procedure for modifying a quota of OceanStor 9000:
1. Choose Provisioning > InfoAllocator.
2. On the InfoAllocator page, select the quota whose properties need to be modified and click Properties.
-Enter the name of a user or user group and click Search to search for all quotas of the user or user group.
-Click Advanced Search to search for quotas based on the combination of user/user group, directory, quota type, and quota mode.
-If a user or user group for which a quota is created is deleted, UID of the user or user group is displayed in the search result. The UID is automatically generated when the system creates the user or user group.
3. In the Properties of a Quota dialog box, change the quota mode or the quota threshold but retain the quota type. Then, click OK.
4. The Success dialog box is displayed, indicating that the quota is modified SUCCEEDly. Click OK.

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